Why We Need Friends

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  1. Why friendships start your learning process. Early friendships play an important role because they occur while life changes According to our age is taking place.  Friends help, teach us some of those important life skills but also shape our life narrated 
  2. Teen friendships shape your later romantic bonds. Though parents spend much of their time worrying about who will be my child’s friend and how they are, these relationships are a training ground for the later long-term bonds that will evolve through adulthood.   parents to recognize that peers will them every time, and so instead of fighting with your kids about spending too much time with their friends, or who their friends are, you can help your children more by inviting their friends over to your home.
    A best friend is someone you don’t have to Give any explanation. They already know all the inner details of our life. A Friend in need is a friend indeed.
  3. Best friends Should be honest with us and you well Known by your friend and are able to tell it like it is. So thank your best friend that they look you in the eye, shakes their head and suggests you rethink for your wrong decision.
  4. Friends are those who keep our secrete hide. Friends are those who disclose all secrets and happening of their life with each other. Secrets about our crush, the kiss, the date, our family problems, the mishaps, the embarrassing moments, the funny stories and the list cover anything and everything in life.

Consider the ways friends make life better.

Encourage us. Good Friends Always Encourage us to improve our qualities

Challenge us. Good Friends Always Challenge us to make success in our life

 Motivate us. They Always motivate to believe in us and love others

 Listen to us. Friends always listen to our feelings with their open heart and give value to our words

 Celebrate with us:- They Always celebrate together in good or bad moments 

Grieve with us. life is up and downs but they keep the higher Points up and lower points manageable

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