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Health insurance is a must for every person, but more so for anyone who attains the age of 60. As it is, the cost of quality healthcare is skyrocketing and with the lifestyle, we are leading, a burgeoning increase in medical expenses is not surprising. In fact, the medical expenses are growing about 15% every year.

Star health has schemes that offer senior citizen health insurance that can cater to the specific needs of the elderly. Star health provides insurance plans for the senior citizens that are beneficial for both their peace of mind and health. Here we have some health insurance policies by Star Health


  • The expenses of Boarding, Nursing, and Room will be borne by the insurer are equal to 1 percent of the entire sum insured, subject to the maximum of Rs. 6,000/- per day.
  • 2 percent of the whole insured sum the charges of ICU up to per day
  • The fees of consultation, surgeon, specialist, medical practitioner, and anesthetist are subjected to the maximum limit of 25 percent of the entire sum insured per hospitalization.
  • The charges of blood, anesthesia, oxygen, pacemaker, operation theatre up to 50 percent of the entire insured amount per hospitalization.
  • In-patient expenses of not more than 7 percent of the total sum insured
  • Post-hospitalization charges associated with consultation, surgery, medicines, diagnostics, and drugs are subjected to a maximum limit of Rs 5000/- for every occurrence. But, it should be recommended by a Medical Practitioner.
  • Ambulance charges are limited to Rs. 600/- for every hospitalization with the upper limit of Rs. 1200/- per policy period. The term period of the policy is 1 year.


Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

This plan is a complete family health insurance policy that includes all the expenses that are incurred in the hospital. Due to the fact that the whole family is covered in a single plan, considerable savings can be made in the long run. Star health comprehensive insurance policy offers Delivery and New Born Cover, expenses incurred on Ophthalmological and Dental Treatment, Hospital Cash benefit and more.

Benefits of Star comprehensive Insurance Policy

The insurance policy covers:

  • Expenses of the room (Ac/Standard room), Nursing and Boarding Expenses.
  • Fees of Anesthetist, Consultants,  Surgeon, and Specialists
  • Charges incurred on Oxygen, Anesthesia, Operation Theatre, Drugs and Medicine, Surgical Appliances, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Diagnostic Materials, X-ray, Pacemaker and Radiotherapy
  • The Pre-hospitalization charges due to an illness but only within 30 days prior to the hospitalization

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