Great Life College V/S School

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Here Friends as we know, that everyone always discusses their college or school life, So Which Life is Best School Or College

So let first discuss School Life

As I think school life is the best life in the world. School life is the best part of our life. school is the place where values are created in there DNA. It Is the first gurukul of their life  where they learn, how to write the first letter, how to  talk, how to present in the outer world. school life is the most precious life of each human being respect it and makes the most of it because you cannot get a refund of the time passed. From the first day of school, we come to know the truth of the world and experience many things. Spending 15-16 years of our life, it becomes our second home. So that why we say the school is a second home.

After completing school education now I have started in a college was an important event in my life. I feel very excited on the first day of the college I found that there is a great difference between school and college life. The world of the school is small and The world of the college is large. College is the larger platform to showcase your skills and hidden talents  Teachers in a school are strict and use the wooden stick to beat the boys/girls very frequently. College teachers are like big brothers.

I have learned a lot from my Teachers and sir. Whenever I was wrong they corrected me. They used to be very friendly with us and  We used to have
competitions or any other activities. No matter whether we win the competition or
not, but they used to force to take a part in the competition which is
important. They are very supportive and helpful to encourage us. We used to crack jokes on each other and teachers also. We used to bunk the class and used to jump the walls for second show movies. and  If we caught by sir’s we get punished.

So school and college life are so beautiful, that we can’t forget those days in their life’s and those days will never be back again.

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